Online food and travel recommendations

What factors more into your food and travel recommendations?

Do you take Facebook or Google + friends likes or +1’s into food and travel recommendations into consideration?

How much does mobile factor into your choices?

So much has changed from when food and travel choices were dictated by travel agencies and guides. Now, with so much power at our finger tips, people can carefully choose their travel experience and get relevant knowledge as well as crowd source from their personal network of business colleagues and friends.

Are you a business that depends on hospitality or tourism? Don’t think you need a website? Satisfied with just a social network page? This is not enough! Projecting a professional and reputable image is not achieved solely with a Facebook or Google + page. A website of your own can be used to generate positive SEO for your business instead of for one of the large social networks. This is like getting free advertising for your business which can be further augmented by¬†localization with Google and Bing Places, webmaster tools, and analytics.