Guest Posts

Have you ever had a friend or a colleague, that works in the same field as you, send you an email asking if they can write a guest post on your website?

It sounds great. From your eyes, it is free content, and in most cases this is correct. Content is always good, however sometimes, this free content can be bad.

A guest post can be a double edged sword!!


  • You will be doing something nice for a friend.
  • You will have more potentially great content for your site.


  • You will be noting them (not you) as an expert in your field of expertise.
  • They will be most likely be linking to their own site from within your site on a highly targeted page.
  • This can pass your potential and existing clients reading through your site to them instead of you, either by accident or most frighteningly when they are wondering who is the real expert.
  • You will be giving them higher rankings in Google because you are now linking to their site (leaking PR and SEO value out to them) in a highly related field.
  • You will very slightly drop your ranking because you are linking out to a competitor fighting for the same keywords, showing Google that even you consider them as an expert over your own expertise.
  • You will not know how many other websites will contain the exact same content. By Google, this is called Duplicate Content, and you will be penalized for it in one way or another.
  • You cannot assure the quality of the articles.Remember that your potential and existing clients will be reading these.
  • Depending on what they want to include in the article (Picture, Code, etc…) it can potentially be a huge security risk.

We would HIGHLY recommend against taking on a guest post. However, If you feel that strongly about the friend or colleague and would still prefer to allow some posts, then we here at All Web n Mobile can help avoid as many of these cons while still preserving your SEO.

Now that you have seen how incredibly valuable it would be for them to write articles on your site. This is in fact is a great way to increase your SEO. You could use the same methods in reverse to any other colleagues that you have. It is a little cut throat, and a little bit like preying on the weak, but it is a valid and legal tactic that you will benefit from.  Here is a break down:


BEST – Colleagues in Highly related fields (Writing articles about services they and you cover):

They would reap negative SEO and only friendly benefits, however you would gain HUGE SEO benefits


GREAT – Colleagues in Highly related fields but DO NOT overlap (Writing articles about a service they cover but is tightly related to your services):

They would gain some content and a referral type of friendly benefits, however you would gain Great and Potentially HUGE benefits


GOOD – Colleagues in fields that are not related (Writing articles about a service they cover but is NOT related to your services):

They would gain content valuable for them and a referral type friendly benefits, however you would gain some SEO benefits by the link and the potential referrals.


If you are interested in this approach, we here at All Web n Mobile have the team, expertise and the knowledge to make this happen. We will have our copywriters create the articles for the potential colleagues and guide you through the whole process to ensure that you gain the most SEO value out of this endeavor as possible. The articles will be 100% unique (NOT duplicate) and they will be favoring your business while still looking out for theirs. The reward for doing this will be HUGE as we mentioned above.

One of the most important services we offer with our business packages is the inclusion of consultations from real SEO experts. As you can see, some things may seem very innocuous and in reality they are in fact detrimental to your business.

Call us All Web n Mobile at 352-556-3926 to get you started on the right road to success with SEO.



Content Importance

Content importanceHow important is the content on your website?

The content on your Website is your most valuable resource. That content will tell your clients your location, your services, Hours of operation and in some cases pricing. It also tells your clients a great deal about the knowledge you have in your field of expertise. So when you create your website the content that is provided by you is very important for you web design. Great web designers have vast knowledge in SEO, graphic arts, color integration and more, however they need your help providing the correct content for your business. They are not experts in your field, they are experts in their own field. That is why the content you provide to your web designer can help them convey to your clients the knowledge you have in your field of expertise.

Unique content can help you stand out to the search engines. Copying content from another source is a very bad idea. Most likely search engines have already indexed that content and will pass you over while penalizing your site since their algorithms are smart enough to determine who is the real author, not to mention the legal issue of copyright infringement. However unique content, if the search engines find it relevant and helpful to those who are searching a particular term or phrase, will trigger the search engines to likely make you visible in the results, and ultimately that is your goal to stand out from the billions of other websites that you are fighting against for visibility. The more content you have on your website that is helpful, unique and relevant, the more visible you will become. “Unique content is king.”

To emphasize how important this is, always remember if you copy content from another source not only will you be showing your potential clients that someone else is the expert, but you risk paying consequences such as copyright infringement as well as being permanently dropped from the search results altogether. So save yourself the trouble of duplicate content penalties and just write information about your business considering you are most likely an expert in your field and you should want your potential clients to know that.



Why Should I Pay For Advertising?


What are Google AdWords?  AdWords are Google’s online program that allow you to reach new customers and clients by paying for your ads to appear at the top of the Google listings.  You set your budget, with no minimum commitment – you are in control of your advertising dollars.

Why should you pay to advertise with Google?  Simply put – Google is everywhere.  67.5 percent of all internet searches are done through Google, so more then likely your clients are using Google to do there searching.  How important is it to you for your clients to see you at the top of there search?  Trust me, that is incredibly crucial.

Setting up your AdWords can be tedious, setting up keywords, localization and more can be not only time consuming but also confusing as well.  At All Web n Mobile we have solutions to help you not only with AdWords but with organic search optimization as well.  Organic SEO is the search results underneath the paid advertisements – and while those results can take a lot of time and effort to obtain, you still have your paid ads showing at the top of maximum eyes on your business.

Advertising is the life blood of a business.  Without advertising, how are people supposed to know what you do, where you are or why they should chose you for that particular service?  In this, the digital age – AdWords is a fantastic option for businesses both big and small to get campaigning for business from the those people searching for your particular service.

Wix Review


Everyone hears about these services that allow you to build your own web site. The problem is that most people do not understand all the implications of doing so. In this article we will explain the things that you need to be aware of when working with these services that prey on people who do not have the expertise to know better. We will review Wix services in particular in this article, however this also applies to other site builder services that allow you to build your site yourself as well.

Wix and many other companies that have site builders cause more damage than good to business owners for many of reasons. The main thing they try to portray is that creating a website and competing with the billions of other businesses on the Internet is easy as drag and drop your site together and away you go all the way to the bank. Unfortunately it is definitely not that easy, but they will prey on you by making you think it is that easy. In real world terms, putting up a website is like putting an 8×11 sheet of paper on the back wall of a building in-between the wall and the dumpster in an industrial zoned area using white crayon on a white piece of paper. This is reality. There are as of now about 14 Trillion web pages on the Internet. How do you think you can stand out within those while using a free website company. Don’t let that scare you away, just be smart about it. If there are so many web pages on the Internet, you really do need experts like us on your side working for your business to ensure that your website is as visible as it can be.

Here are some of the reasons why you should not use Wix, or any other company who has a free (or close to free) site builder:

Many site builders, especially Wix, templates are usually created with Flash. No matter what they say, Flash is not search engine friendly. Google recommends against it.

Google’s Webmaster Tools cannot verify your ownership of the site. These tools provided directly by the search engines allows you to optimize your site and get the most out of it, not to mention to see critical information pertaining to your site. What a shame.

Site traffic and analytics are skewed in their favor because of the old scripts they use and modify to make the shareholders and businesses like yourself happier. The reality is if you do not have accurate data, then you cannot optimize, nor can you get accurate numbers for your books. How many people could run a business when their numbers are always wrong.

Wix gives you just one page (Flash makes it look like you have many pages, but in reality, you don’t. Simply an illusion that search engines see right through), this reduces the amount of content Google or other search engines can crawl. This means you can only optimize your site for only a few keywords and that is it.

With one page, you cannot create articles targeting different keywords to target every occurrence your customers would be searching for. This is like having a business card with only a single letter on the entire thing. Pretty much useless.

Wix does not allow you to use your own domain name unless you pay for it, and then it does not really matter because there are so many other giveaways that you are using their services, lowering the trust of extremely important potential customers. They give you for free the address like this: How professional would it look if someone who works for Microsoft gave you a card that had a web address like that? Do you want you business cards to say something like that? Wix can hide that for you for a price of course, but the simple fact is that search engines and everyone else knows what servers you are using and they will rate your site accordingly. How much emphasis do you think Google will put on a business that has their website on a free service like Wix?

Without having your own domain name, the search engines simply cannot use the most important keyword (your domain name). Leaving you extremely hard to find on the Internet, even when the user types in your exact company name.

Wix has a few hundred templates, Godaddy has fewer. When Wix says they have 50 million users and Godaddy a huge number as well. With that many users, how unique do you think your business will look. How can your business be remembered when it looks exactly like so many others. Not to mention the fact that the content in the template is pre-made and will be also left on the site by so many others as well, and with the search engines penalizing you for duplicate content, how do you think your site will fair.

First impressions. “I’m just starting my business, I can always upgrade, I can use Wix for now.” Everyone knows the saying: “First impressions are everything?” do not underestimate your potential clients, they are not as mindless as you might think, especially the newer generation. There are so many tell tell signs that you are using a free website builder. Fly by night shady businesses always use free website builders. Would you yourself trust giving your hard earned money to a company that you know uses a free website builder? Imagine if Home Depot did, do you think they would have grown and been trusted as they are now?

Do you love boasting about the free website builder you used? “THIS SITE WAS CREATED WITH WIX.COM CREATE YOUR OWN FOR FREE!” banner at the bottom of your site is not going to sit well with your potential customers when they have to decide how trustworthy, professional and credible you are all the while using a free site builder. Do you really want to advertise that you are using a free service like WIX to run your business? How many clients would trust giving their money?

They are not mobile friendly at all. Their servers are slow, and their Flash based sites are extremely heavy on graphics, using up much of the users limited data plan for each of your pages they visit. How long do you wait for a website to come up on your phone, especially when there are other sites to go to get the same thing that are much faster to respond?

Their support is provided by a pool of people that don’t even work in the same country as them. They outsource the support and the answer you will get 90% of the time is that they will send it to their next level technical support, which you will never be able to get them on the phone, nor even get their phone number. Most of the time they will charge you a fee for the support they are providing. Would you pay your utility company or cable service just to ask a question?

Lack of skills and capability is what they specialize in. The support Wix gives you is purely simple. You cannot ftp into the site builder and customize any of their code. If you need customization done, you have 0 options, because they will not change it for you and break it for their 40 million other customers. Even if you hire an expert like us, we will have to move you from their service simply because they do not want anyone accessing the code on their service in fear that you might remove their ads. Basically you can never grow and you must fall into the cookie cutter system they have for you, meaning you cannot advance above your competitors with innovation and creativity simply because you are being held hostage to their will. Almost like cattle.

No such thing as a free lunch. Nothing’s ever really free. You will end up paying in many ways and some of them are not monetarily impactful at the beginning, but definitely will be 10 times the normal cost when you need to grow because you will have to undo the damage they have done to your reputation and search engine optimization.

Wix does not care about you, but we absolutely do, very much so. We care about your business and its success. That is our job, and when you succeed, we succeed. Wix,, 1&1, GoDaddy and others will continue to find people who don’t know better, and the worst part about it is that they simply don’t care and are simply trying to make their shareholders happy.

I am mentioning Flash again because most people do not realize how important it is that you avoid it. iOS and iPad cannot even see Flash at all, all they will see when looking at a Flash widget, Flash menu, Flash splash screen, Flash video player, or any of the thousands of Flash objects and widgets they provide all they will see is a blank spot where the Flash object should be. When such a huge percentage of the world are mobile these days, the last thing you want to do is ensure that most of your potential clients cannot use, or even view your website properly. How can you sell something with broken objects and materials.

They will not tell you when you are doing something wrong that will hurt your search engine optimization, nor will they tell you that you are doing something that is out of date, or even foolish. Their focus on your checkbook, not you. Having someone like us working for you will ensure that you are not left on the way side while they laugh and collect money from you.

If it is too good to be true, then it probably is.

Using SSL to advance your SEO

Adding SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to your website not only greatly enhances the security of it, Google has announced it will also give you a small page ranking boost for it. In the future, they may offer an even larger boosting, hoping to sway more and more websites towards enhanced security. Give us a call here at All Web n Mobile, we will be happy to set this up for you!




Passwords in the news again

Passwords in the news again

If you have not heard about it in the news, a large number of people are using the same password for every login that they have. On top of that, the passwords are not considered medium or strong (numbers, letters, upper case letters, special characters, and over 8 characters in length).

Don’t let this happen to you!

In a perfect scenario, you would have a unique password for every account you have. It should be hard for someone to guess and easy for you to remember. It should also have the following so that it is hard for a bot or a human being to gain access through either a brute force or a dictionary attack: numbers, letters, upper case letters. It should also be a sufficient number of characters. This number used to be 8, but even this number is too short if system access does not limit attempts.

Many websites only allow a certain number of wrong responses before suspending account access and sending an email to the account holder’s primary email account to reset the password, but don’t count on it because not every company puts security first and foremost into the design of their website. Also, if an account of yours has been compromised, a perpetrator does not need an infinite number of guesses. The bot or the human might only need 1 try.

Tips: Your bank(s) login should not be the same as any of you other accounts. If the other accounts get hacked, criminals will try any and every site to see if you have an account that they can access. You don’t want to give them the keys to your financial institution’s account that is in your name.


Happy holidays

Happy holidays and season’s greetings!

Wow! Has this year gone by fast or what?

Our team has met many good people and learned about a variety of unique and interesting businesses. Each and every one of them has a story to tell, and the passion they possess in regards to their products and services has been remarkable. We as a team are happy to have been of service and hope to continue to do so in the future.

Thank you for your support and for choosing All Web n Mobile.

Happy holidays from the entire All Web n Mobile team


Beware Search Engine Optimization Guarantees

Beware Search Engine Optimization Guarantees

“I guarantee you that I can put you on page 1 on Google and Bing.” – anonymous.
Unless you are posting a paid ad, if someone gives you a guarantee like this for a few hundred bucks – run!
There are a number of con artists that don’t practice white hat SEO. Instead of following best practices that have changed over time (Look up Panda, Penguin, and Pandora updates to Google algorithms), these guys will use methods that are outdated and could damage your site’s page rank for years. Your site could get blacklisted or dropped entirely from the index if your business is linked to link farms and directories
that have been blacklisted by the major search engines. If it is too good a deal, do your due diligence and research before making the plunge.
Real SEO is an ongoing process. Content is king and faking it for the search engines will only get you in trouble later.

Don’t fall prey to Search Engine Optimization Guarantees that over promise and under deliver.

Do you have a branded website?

Does your business have a website? Was the website designed to reflect your color scheme and fully represent your brand? There are a lot of expenses related to starting a business, and it is tempting to go with the cheapest price. However, getting the cheapest price at the expense of the experience your customer has when visiting your site does your business a disservice. An example of this is using a proprietary website builder that does not allow for customization and is incapable of scaling up to meet your business needs. It may not be readily apparent, but customers may get the impression that they are at just any old site and your virtual storefront does not stand out from the clutter. Why should they buy from you and not the next guy?

What is branded website?

A branded website accurately reflects the spirit and vision of the specific organization that it belongs to. Prospective customers, fans, and current clients know that it is your organization and are able to see how you differentiate yourself from the competition. This is in contrast to using and sticking with a default template despite having the resources to go further. Wouldn’t it be better to know that when a potential customer goes to your site they know they are there versus not being sure because multiple companies in the same industry use a similar template for the look and feel of their website?

Online food and travel recommendations

What factors more into your food and travel recommendations?

Do you take Facebook or Google + friends likes or +1’s into food and travel recommendations into consideration?

How much does mobile factor into your choices?

So much has changed from when food and travel choices were dictated by travel agencies and guides. Now, with so much power at our finger tips, people can carefully choose their travel experience and get relevant knowledge as well as crowd source from their personal network of business colleagues and friends.

Are you a business that depends on hospitality or tourism? Don’t think you need a website? Satisfied with just a social network page? This is not enough! Projecting a professional and reputable image is not achieved solely with a Facebook or Google + page. A website of your own can be used to generate positive SEO for your business instead of for one of the large social networks. This is like getting free advertising for your business which can be further augmented by localization with Google and Bing Places, webmaster tools, and analytics.