Content Importance

Content importanceHow important is the content on your website?

The content on your Website is your most valuable resource. That content will tell your clients your location, your services, Hours of operation and in some cases pricing. It also tells your clients a great deal about the knowledge you have in your field of expertise. So when you create your website the content that is provided by you is very important for you web design. Great web designers have vast knowledge in SEO, graphic arts, color integration and more, however they need your help providing the correct content for your business. They are not experts in your field, they are experts in their own field. That is why the content you provide to your web designer can help them convey to your clients the knowledge you have in your field of expertise.

Unique content can help you stand out to the search engines. Copying content from another source is a very bad idea. Most likely search engines have already indexed that content and will pass you over while penalizing your site since their algorithms are smart enough to determine who is the real author, not to mention the legal issue of copyright infringement. However unique content, if the search engines find it relevant and helpful to those who are searching a particular term or phrase, will trigger the search engines to likely make you visible in the results, and ultimately that is your goal to stand out from the billions of other websites that you are fighting against for visibility. The more content you have on your website that is helpful, unique and relevant, the more visible you will become. “Unique content is king.”

To emphasize how important this is, always remember if you copy content from another source not only will you be showing your potential clients that someone else is the expert, but you risk paying consequences such as copyright infringement as well as being permanently dropped from the search results altogether. So save yourself the trouble of duplicate content penalties and just write information about your business considering you are most likely an expert in your field and you should want your potential clients to know that.