Most adults now own a smartphone: Now is the time to get your app out there businesses!

If your business does not have a mobile strategy, now is the time to reevaluate what you are or are not doing. Can you risk your competitor getting ahead of you because they have a mobile optimized web site or a business branded app that allows your competitor to better engage their customers (or steal users)?

Yahoo’s Flikr now offers 1 Terabyte of storage

With the UI changes and the focus on making this product relevant again, Yahoo is continuing to make strides to be a competitor in mobile, search, and the current web hierarchy.

1 Terabyte is a significant leap in free disk space for users, but the real story in this announcement is that Yahoo is not the storage space or the UI. Yahoo is stating that it is out there competing and trying to offer compelling experiences, great value price propositions to consumers, and maintain/grow its user base.

Android takes 75% of the smartphone marketplace

Android continues its market dominance.

Will it continue? Well, there are competitors in the weeds. Windows Phone 8 is now capable of being on a wide range of handsets. For instance, T-Mobile now offers a $150 Windows Phone with no contract. There is talk of Tizen from Samsung, Ubuntu Mobile, and Firefox. It will definitely be interesting.

Cellphone usage stats show growth

Cellphone Usage Stats show growth

52% of adult cell phone owners use their devices while in a store to get help with purchasing decisions (Source: Pew American & Internet Life Project, 2012)

A real phenomenon in retail is “Showrooming”. This term is valid when guests price check and try out items in a brick and mortar store and then buy it online (possibly cheaper on the actual price and much of the time tax free).

Considering many users have smartphones, it is only natural for them to use it to improve the shopping experience. Knowing the price can help with negotiations regarding a coupon or price match while also protecting the user from getting hosed on the price. Competition from online retailers and the effects of showrooming are a big reason that Target matches online prices with restrictions and so those Best Buy.

If you are a business and are not trying to capitalize on this growth, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. For you business, the answer might be a website optimized for mobile users, tablets, and desktop users (you can have multiple versions that are displayed to the correct visitor type). On the other hand, the answer may be a cross platform HTML5 or native app.

Not sure? Don’t just dismiss it. Find a mobile strategy that works for your business.

Smartphone Ownership Stats From Nielsen

66% of Americans ages 24-35 own a smartphone (Source: Nielsen, 2012)

This stat is not so surprising since this group grew up with the Internet and is very comfortable with technology. What is more surprising by the day is the proliferation of smart handsets into older demographics that might not have been considered as potential adopters of this technology.