Which sport do you watch most using your mobile devices?

A. Golf

B. Basketball

C. Soccer

D. Football

E. Hockey

F. Rugby

G. Cricket

H. Lacrosse

I. Baseball

J. Other

K. I don’t

The reason this question make sense to ask is because there are a number of websites and apps in development to offer more sports content than what is currently available from networks. Some of it is local sports, while some of it is in the X games category. Regardless, the traditional business model of cable television is insufficient for meeting all users needs. All you have to do is look at the number of Millenials and frugal minded people cutting their cable packages to realize that the status quo is not going to continue in perpetuity.

Smartphones: What is the preferable size?

What is the perfect sized smart phone?

A. Bigger the better

B. Can fit in my pocket

C. Can fit in my bag

Are larger phones popular because they contain better hardware or offer a better experience? Do larger phones feel better because of psychological factors (natural presumptions related to a larger container holding more value)?

What motivates you? Let us know!

T Mobile and the iPhone

What do you think about T-Mobile getting the iPhone?

A. Finally! Love it!

B. Yawn. Already have one.

C. Fine. When is it coming to Metro PCS?

D. Doesn’t everybody have it?

T-Mobile has been in trouble for a number of years. Users were becoming concentrated in only two of the major wireless carriers (AT&T and Verizon). Like Sprint, T-Mobile has been losing subscribers. Sprint bet big on the iPhone, and whether or not T-Mobile sells a lot of them, having it sends a signal that they are a contender and a viable wireless carrier.

The question is will existing customers and potential customers be impressed.

What Is Your Favorite Mobile OS?

Which one is your favorite?

A. Android

B. Blackberry

C. Apple iOS

D. Windows Phone

E. Other

F. Not worried. I am happy with my feature phone.

This goes without saying. We want to know which one you love. For the longest time, iOS was the ecosystem of choice. Android has garnered the lion’s share of the market share now. So does this mean it is your favorite? We want to know.

Facebook Home

What do you think about Facebook Home coming to Android phones?

A. Great! My friends and my updates are now front and center!

B. Maybe too much Facebook? Nah!

C. Was really hoping for that Facebook phone!

D. What is it? Haven’t heard of it? Can I live in it?

Should Facebook gone for a complete phone experience or is this the right direction? Only time will tell. Let us know your thoughts on the subject.

2013 Phones: Which is the most anticipated smartphone?

Which is the most anticipated smartphone?

A. Samsung Mega Galaxy

B. Blackberry Z10

C. iPhone 5S (guessing title)

D. Samsung Galaxy S4

E. Nokia Lumia (900 series)

Usually this title is held by whichever iteration of iPhone is next. However, the competition has caught up. Samsung phones like the Galaxy S3 and S4 have been seen as the upper echelon. So the answer is not so clear cut anymore. We want to know what you think, so let us know.

What about the Twitter Music App?

What is the verdict?

A. Cool. Gives me a reason to see what Twitter is all about.

B. Great! I have a Twitter account. Now I am going to lose more time to tweeting and checking followers who like my music tastes!

C. Another music app?

It seems like everyone is creating a music app. Why? Music is a great way to engage users. In addition, music apps are a great way to obtain analytics and determine the habits of users. This is valuable marketing information for a variety of companies.

In Twitter’s case, an app is a way to maintain user engagement. It keeps their ecosystem from going stale.

What is the next big thing? What is the next great gadget?


Which tech gadget will be the next big thing?

A. Google glasses B. Apple iWatch C. Neither (It hasn’t been announced yet!)

All hype? Dorky or cool? Wearable tech is only gaining steam, and it will be interesting to see how the category differentiates itself. Will it be mostly glasses and watches? Or will it be jewelry? Perhaps it will be enhanced clothing or accessories? What is your take? We want to know!

Smartphone Ownership Stats From Nielsen

66% of Americans ages 24-35 own a smartphone (Source: Nielsen, 2012)

This stat is not so surprising since this group grew up with the Internet and is very comfortable with technology. What is more surprising by the day is the proliferation of smart handsets into older demographics that might not have been considered as potential adopters of this technology.