Brawl USA charity event at Rookies Sports Bar and Grill

The All Web n Mobile team would like to give attention to the sponsors and wrestlers that contributed to this charity event. You may not think it takes a lot to get one of these events set up, but then you would be wrong. Many of the participants take reduced fees and sometimes take zero compensation to offer their time and skill to a worthy cause. Think it is just acting? Go to an event and watch these competitors make contact and pull off maneuvers for thousands of people and sometimes just hundreds. There is a great show every time. Promotional material also has to be made and sponsors found. Dates have to be arranged and venues need to be found.

They deserve recognition for their efforts to try to help Logan and his family. Great job Brawl USA and our very own James Richartz on another great Brawl USA charity event. At All Web n Mobile, James is a graphic artist and web developer who does everything from logos and business cards to custom themed websites. James will make your business large or small look like the world class organization you know it is.

If you have a chance to support a charity event in your area, please do so. We all have the power to do so much to make a difference in the lives of others.

Low cost touchscreen technology: What does this mean for large organizations?

With a significant user base of Windows XP, organizations are either strapped for cash, comfortable with what they have, do not see an adequate Return on Investment (ROI) to upgrade operating systems and/or machines, or organizations really do fear change. In order to convince financial officers and project sponsors that upgrading to a more recent iteration of Windows, it is necessary to get over these hurdles. Windows 8.1 has helpful hints built in such as additional icons and has a Start Screen button (sort of like a Start Button) to help new users adjust to the user interface changes (help businesses with retraining, check). Microsoft has made accommodations with hardware manufacturers to give them cheaper prices of Windows licenses for devices with smaller screens. Economy of scale with the transition from non-touch to touch should result in cheaper screens, which means the upgrade costs with go down (lower costs, check). Better security from sandboxing applications and remote device management upgrades are also nice features for the enterprise. So along with these developments, the ability to turn any surface into a screen  might be a catalyst to help convince some of the decision makers to upgrade.

And if that does not do it, end of support for Windows XP is coming up in early 2014.

America Online: Do they have a future?

You’ve got mail!

Ever dream about the phrase or have it stuck in your head? Fond memories of the AOL acronym or America Online? Maybe seen the film by the same name with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan sending emails on America Online?

Well, if you are a young person that uses Reddit or Digg, you may not realize that AOL still exists. Older users who stopped using AOL as an internet service provider may not realize that America Online is still around and that America Online still offers email and news through the Huffington Post and Techcrunch. Once merged with Time Warner, AOL is a separate company again and AOL is trying to redefine itself for the World Wide Web of Now vs. the web that was (think Yahoo before its current iteration). What do you think of America Online? Still use their email, frequent their news sites like Techcrunch? Dinosaur or on the rise? What are your thoughts?


Smartphones: Prefer a contract or no contract?

If you had the choice between a two year contract and the latest, best smartphone for a small fee vs. no contract and a limited selection, what would you choose?

Which is the better value to you and why? Want to stay up to date on mobile technology? Prefer contract smartphones because the carrier offers you better coverage? Dislike contract phones because the realized coverage is not as good in your area as advertised? Having issues with data limits?

Prefer no contract smartphones because of flexibility, price, and/or value? Prefer no contract smartphones because of no data limits? Dislike no contact smartphones because of inconsistent speed?

Whatever your reason, there are reasons to like one over the other. What is your reason? Let us know.

Smart Watch: Are your perceptions about the product changing?

The question has been asked numerous times. And yes, we will ask it again. What do you think about the concept of the Smart Watch and are you interested in buying one?

Technology is not just for the sake of doing what has not been done. It is about innovating new ways to improve the quality of life. Whether it is to improve our health or make it easier to recognize that new messages are incoming without constantly having to carry a mobile device in hand, the smart watch is technology that attempts to make our lives easier. For some, the smart watch is stylish and a status symbol. Trendsetters may want it so that they can be one of the first. Others may be attracted to the idea of having apps centered around health and fitness that do not require data entry to use.

Please let us know what you think because it is important to understand and comprehend what matters to you the user so that way we can produce the right apps that meet your needs. Thanks for your support!

Gamer Demographics: Battle of the sexes

The game industry has been accustomed to building games for mainly a male audience for years. Looking at some of the most recognizable properties on consoles and personal computers (Halo, God of War, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, Injustice, Street Fighter, Kingdom Hearts, Dance Dance Revolution, Madden Football, etc.), there is evidence this is still mostly true. In the industry’s eyes, gamers are male. The gamer gets what the gamer wants and that will make the gamer happy.

However, despite many of the top properties being games that are viewed as going after a male audience, this does not mean that a female user base is mostly absent. More than likely based on the size of the video game industry, counting mobile, console, and personal computers, it is actually quite understated and there really is a significant female presence. Some reports actually place this number as high as 50% (Entertainment Software Association, 2013).

Arguing this survey and the impartiality of the association that produced it is not as important as what the survey makes very clear. The real point is that there is a large female user base that is willing to spend money to play games and consume content. Secondly, is the industry producing finished works that take full advantage of the opportunities that exist with this consumer group? Are women playing certain games (ones that were targeted at men) because they want to or because they have no choice?

Entertainment Software Association. (2013). Essential Facts About The Computer and Video Game Industry. Retrieved August 11th, 2013, from


Does your mobile strategy include tablets?

Do you know if your company’s website displays properly on a tablet.

Does it showcase your company properly and professionally?

Have you checked on multiple platforms, including at the very least Android and iOS?

What about additional platforms, such as Windows 8 and Windows RT’s Internet Explorer 10? Blackberry?

Don’t let your business fall behind the curve and settle for second best.

That is where a mobile strategy comes in to play. Face it, every few months the numbers speak to the sheer volume of mobile handsets that are being shipped. These devices are not just for calling or even just text messages. Smart mobile devices can access the Internet, run productivity applications, conduct business, and even make payments. Can a consumer buy something on your site if they use it? Can a consumer buy something comfortably? A website designed for a desktop computer or laptop can position a number of buttons on the screen because there is far more real estate to work with than on a mobile phone. Mobile users will have to use gestures to stretch the screen displayed content to get what they want. How uncomfortable! An attractive and professional mobile version is optimized for touch. Mobile sites can supplement an existing desktop version, just as a mobile version that works well with 7 inch screens and 10 inch screens.

Then there are mobile apps. Maybe for your business, you would like to send mobile coupons or use location services to obtain analytics on your fans? What state are they from? What coupons excite them? If your company needs a more powerful solution that offers additional features such as Internet push communication or database storage, a mobile app might be right for you.

Whatever you do, don’t put your head in the sand and not develop some kind of strategy to take advantage of all the users that are not upgrading their mobile lives. Find a solution and mobile strategy that works for your business.

Does your mobile strategy go cross platform?

According to an article in USA Today, it has been reported that Google Play has surpassed the Apple App Store.

Does your business have a website that is optimized for mobile? Do you know if it displays correctly in Chrome and Safari for Android Users and iPhone users respectively? What is your company’s mobile strategy? Does your company have a mobile strategy?

Does your business communicate with users through a mobile app? Is it only on one platform? More than one? These are questions that are important for your business because there may be potential customers out there that your business is missing and is not properly serving.

What does your preferred social network mean to you?

Recently, the Pew Organization reported that 75% of adults use social networks.

Are you one of the 75%?

How many social networks do you use? What does your preferred social network mean to you?

  1. Facebook
  2. Google Plus
  3. Twitter
  4. Pinterest
  5. Socl
  6. Tumblr
  7. LinkedIn
  8. Other

What value do you find in your favorite social network? Are your friends there? Is this the best way to keep up with family? How about games? Are these more of an entertainment destination to pass the time and relax? Sometimes, there is new information and events occurring that is first disseminated through a social network. Do you get your news first from your favorite social network?

Let us know, we want to hear from you!

Which company is your preferred tablet manufacturer?

Does it matter to you who manufactures your tablet?

Who is your favorite or preferred tablet manufacturer?

  1. No preference, it is all about price
  2. Amazon
  3. Apple
  4. Asus
  5. Microsoft
  6. Samsung
  7. Other

Regardless which tablet vendor you prefer, each one provides options that can help you on the go. Does your company have a BYOD policy? Bring Your Own Device policy is when a business allows an employee to bring in their own device and conduct company business. This can be achieved with dedicated internal apps, public apps that support corporations, as well as security protocols that can be enabled on the device and support from system administrators.