Guest Posts

Have you ever had a friend or a colleague, that works in the same field as you, send you an email asking if they can write a guest post on your website?

It sounds great. From your eyes, it is free content, and in most cases this is correct. Content is always good, however sometimes, this free content can be bad.

A guest post can be a double edged sword!!


  • You will be doing something nice for a friend.
  • You will have more potentially great content for your site.


  • You will be noting them (not you) as an expert in your field of expertise.
  • They will be most likely be linking to their own site from within your site on a highly targeted page.
  • This can pass your potential and existing clients reading through your site to them instead of you, either by accident or most frighteningly when they are wondering who is the real expert.
  • You will be giving them higher rankings in Google because you are now linking to their site (leaking PR and SEO value out to them) in a highly related field.
  • You will very slightly drop your ranking because you are linking out to a competitor fighting for the same keywords, showing Google that even you consider them as an expert over your own expertise.
  • You will not know how many other websites will contain the exact same content. By Google, this is called Duplicate Content, and you will be penalized for it in one way or another.
  • You cannot assure the quality of the articles.Remember that your potential and existing clients will be reading these.
  • Depending on what they want to include in the article (Picture, Code, etc…) it can potentially be a huge security risk.

We would HIGHLY recommend against taking on a guest post. However, If you feel that strongly about the friend or colleague and would still prefer to allow some posts, then we here at All Web n Mobile can help avoid as many of these cons while still preserving your SEO.

Now that you have seen how incredibly valuable it would be for them to write articles on your site. This is in fact is a great way to increase your SEO. You could use the same methods in reverse to any other colleagues that you have. It is a little cut throat, and a little bit like preying on the weak, but it is a valid and legal tactic that you will benefit from.  Here is a break down:


BEST – Colleagues in Highly related fields (Writing articles about services they and you cover):

They would reap negative SEO and only friendly benefits, however you would gain HUGE SEO benefits


GREAT – Colleagues in Highly related fields but DO NOT overlap (Writing articles about a service they cover but is tightly related to your services):

They would gain some content and a referral type of friendly benefits, however you would gain Great and Potentially HUGE benefits


GOOD – Colleagues in fields that are not related (Writing articles about a service they cover but is NOT related to your services):

They would gain content valuable for them and a referral type friendly benefits, however you would gain some SEO benefits by the link and the potential referrals.


If you are interested in this approach, we here at All Web n Mobile have the team, expertise and the knowledge to make this happen. We will have our copywriters create the articles for the potential colleagues and guide you through the whole process to ensure that you gain the most SEO value out of this endeavor as possible. The articles will be 100% unique (NOT duplicate) and they will be favoring your business while still looking out for theirs. The reward for doing this will be HUGE as we mentioned above.

One of the most important services we offer with our business packages is the inclusion of consultations from real SEO experts. As you can see, some things may seem very innocuous and in reality they are in fact detrimental to your business.

Call us All Web n Mobile at 352-556-3926 to get you started on the right road to success with SEO.



I have a small business. I can’t afford to have a website!

As a business owner, you know that resources are valuable. Decisions need to be made with the ROI in mind. So consider this: can your small business afford not to have a website? Today, buying decisions are often made based on a Google or Bing search result. People want to have the information at their finger tips and the details they need about your organization so that they can evaluate your company and determine whether they want to choose to do business with you.

Not having a website puts a small business at a competitive disadvantage. Don’t just dismiss the idea of a having a website without doing some research and don’t just settle for a WYSIWIG cookie cutter website that is barely usable. Your small business can establish an online presence and gradually refine and build upon the brand of the business. Upgrades can be modular and build upon a site as a small business grows. There are also content management systems that can deliver a lot more functionality at a lower cost. Just remember there are solutions out there that will not leave your small business out in the cold.

Do you feel more or less connected with family and friends because of the mobile tech that you use?

Has technology made it easier to stay in touch with your family?

Do you feel more or less connected with family and friends because of the mobile tech that you use?

How does your tech make you feel? What impact has it made on your ability to communicate with those who matter in your life and career? Is it too tedious? Does it feel awkward or does it make it easier to respond while on the go?

From a developer standpoint, sometimes you can lose sight of what makes it easier for the user. That is why when designing interfaces and experiences it is important to take an objective view of things as much as possible. If there are unnecessary hurdles, these need to be removed. Applications should be designed with the user in mind while being stable, secure, and intuitive. Otherwise, the experience may be lacking.

Thanks for your support, and if we can be of service to you in the future for your web or mobile needs, please let us know.

All Web n Mobile Services Brochure

All Web n Mobile Services Brochure 2013

Our brochure includes information about our services and why All Web n Mobile is a great place for your software and tech needs. First of all, there is custom software. Anything is possible. You need a custom script? We can do it.

Second, we have employees skilled in a variety of fields. For instance, graphic design and 3D graphics can be done in house. An electrical engineer is on staff who can design electronic interfaces to extend available technology.

All Web n Mobile also offers web hosting, website development, mobile app development, SEO, and social network integration.