I have a small business. I can’t afford to have a website!

As a business owner, you know that resources are valuable. Decisions need to be made with the ROI in mind. So consider this: can your small business afford not to have a website? Today, buying decisions are often made based on a Google or Bing search result. People want to have the information at their finger tips and the details they need about your organization so that they can evaluate your company and determine whether they want to choose to do business with you.

Not having a website puts a small business at a competitive disadvantage. Don’t just dismiss the idea of a having a website without doing some research and don’t just settle for a WYSIWIG cookie cutter website that is barely usable. Your small business can establish an online presence and gradually refine and build upon the brand of the business. Upgrades can be modular and build upon a site as a small business grows. There are also content management systems that can deliver a lot more functionality at a lower cost. Just remember there are solutions out there that will not leave your small business out in the cold.