Can my old HTML template work on your CMS?

An HTML website template is old technology, although some HTML templates may be newer and use HTML5, but alas, they are not a WordPress (CMS: Content Management System) template. Old technology is mentioned, only due to the fact that in most cases you would still need a web developer to change the content within your site. A content management system is designed to allow you to make the changes without having the need for a developer to make those changes for you. There are other CMS’s that we support as well, like Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, and many others. The same is reflected on those CMS’s as well.

It would be compared to replacing a motorcycle with a truck, and then asking cant we still keep the same body of the motorcycle?

What you currently have, and what you will get are 2 completely different frameworks and you would be to gain so much more power. However, this is not to say that we cannot convert your current template into a WordPress or another CMS template, but that would include an addition one-time cost of $600 (for WordPress, others may differ) to convert her current theme into the new framework.

The following options are available with any hosting package regarding WordPress:

1) Free – Choose a free template from the available free default templates.
2) $600 – Convert your current look and feel (theme) to WordPress.
3) $600 – Design a new basic template based on your business.
4) $900 – Design a new realism template based upon your business.
5) $1200 – Design a new realism template with animations based on your business.
6) Hourly labor rate – Stay current HTML template and have us do the modifications needed, when needed.
P.S. There is also the possibility of staying with the current HTML site and having us do the modifications needed (#6), however our labor costs can get costly when doing simple verbiage changes. Our expertise is software development and we can custom code anything you could ever want to do anything you would ever want without question. We would absolutely love to do the verbiage changes for you, however the cost of using us for verbiage changes may be prohibitive, therefore is why we suggest WordPress to allow you the ability to make those changes without incurring the cost of custom development for things such as verbiage changes.