Just because your business is in a small town does not mean you cannot benefit from mobile apps or custom software solutions

Is your business stuck in a mindset that is holding your business back? Thinking that you should be a certain way because of the region your company operates in or because your business is in a small town? Not sure that technological advances can help you? Think you are too small to have branded solutions or a mobile strategy?

In retail, the old saying is, ” Location, location, location.” That has been true under many circumstances for many years because people preferred to buy things close to home, and businesses needed to have locations strategically placed where customers lived. This meant having large retail footprints and fighting for territory in and around where the area population was situated.

First, regardless of size, you are not necessarily limited due to these issues anymore. You can develop a brand and present it to a larger audience than who might happen to notice your store as they drive by. You can have a virtual storefront (a website) that can either tell your company’s story, help prospective customers find your business, make purchases, or all of the above. Plus, now with mobile hardware, customers can view your website wherever their smartphone, tablet, or mobile computing device can access the Internet. To take advantage of this though, you should really have a mobile optimized website to help make customers more comfortable and facilitate their ability to make a purchase from your company (website view should be styled so that visitors can use touch to press buttons precisely, read content effectively without having to pinch and zoom in, and access the shopping cart when done). Also, with mobile apps, you can send Internet push notifications to fans and customers promoting sales, coupons, and special promotions. Mobile apps can also help mobile devices increase the productivity of the company by replacing some scanners and input devices, while making it easier for associates in the field to communicate with the office.

There are so many additional opportunities and features that are available depending on what custom solution works right for your business. Custom is the key and important word. Why? Who defines your business? Would you rather someone else tell your story? Be proactive because technology advancements and the maturation of mobile has acted as an equalizer that allows small businesses to have the ability to scale their business up and increase their productivity and reach. Do not assume that you are limited. Your limitations may instead be a product of not knowing what is possible.