What do you think of Yahoo? What do these changes mean for consumers and businesses?

What do you think of Yahoo’s big move?

Tumblr is definitely the big move that people are still talking about. Instead of Yahoo being a service for middle aged and older users, Yahoo now has a hot property among youth in their teens up to people in their early thirties.

Along with Tumblr, Yahoo invested funds in Flickr to update the photosharing platform. Flickr seems new again with a refresh and a significant expansion of available storage (1 Terabyte).

With all of the acquisitions and strategic rebranding/design of products and services, has your opinion of Yahoo grown more favorable?

Depending on your business, it might make sense to have a Tumblr account. Sharing images and other media through Tumblr and Flikr can get the attention of younger consumers who may not be so easily reached through other advertising channels. It also can demonstrate that your company is keeping up with the times and not ignoring trends. Don’t lose out on good will and positive name recognition from remaining cool and hip!