Smart Watch: Are your perceptions about the product changing?

The question has been asked numerous times. And yes, we will ask it again. What do you think about the concept of the Smart Watch and are you interested in buying one?

Technology is not just for the sake of doing what has not been done. It is about innovating new ways to improve the quality of life. Whether it is to improve our health or make it easier to recognize that new messages are incoming without constantly having to carry a mobile device in hand, the smart watch is technology that attempts to make our lives easier. For some, the smart watch is stylish and a status symbol. Trendsetters may want it so that they can be one of the first. Others may be attracted to the idea of having apps centered around health and fitness that do not require data entry to use.

Please let us know what you think because it is important to understand and comprehend what matters to you the user so that way we can produce the right apps that meet your needs. Thanks for your support!