Yahoo: One of the most valuable brands?

Welcome back Yahoo. This is definitely a reflection of the confidence investors have in their new direction. Yahoo leadership has committed itself to innovation and to broadening its appeal to a wider audience. These moves (changing mail interface, homepage interface, acquiring tech startups, acquiring Tumblr, selling or discontinuing less successful ventures) have set the company up in a position to move forward rather than tread water.

U.S. has lowest risk for data centers according to report

Before selecting a infrastructure as a service provider, make sure they tell you if their data centers are in a stable country with strong laws to protect intellectual property. Not knowing and only looking at the dollar amount could devastate your business if the data center is in a less politically stable country or is not backed up by strong intellectual property rights.

XBOX and backwards compatibility

Darn! My old games won’t work.

Although this is a bummer, a console can only support these older title for so long. This is especially true if legacy support limits the capabilities of newer systems to offer more power and push the boundaries of the entertainment experience. Again, it stinks, but no one says you have to throw away your old XBOX.

T-Mobile: Tops in 3G analysis

Surprise, Surprise. Look who has come out on top in 3G?

With all of the excitement on 4G though, if T-Mobile is unable to scale up and begin to grow its user base, it won’t matter that T-Mobile came out on top in this survey. T-Mobile is going to need to continue to leverage Metro PCS and continue to promote its new contract free plans if it wants to move the market share needle.