Targeting tablets

In September of this year, Android caught up to Apple in dollars spent and in volume in the tablet market. Does this mean, organizations should favor Android over iOS when purchasing or when allocating their IT dollars for applications? Not necessarily. It depends on the unique needs of your organization, which includes its budget, brand needs, security needs, and current infrastructure.

If the applications that are used by your organization are cross-platform, then the number of choices is very broad. You might be able to choose from iOS, Windows 8, Windows RT, Android, Tizen, Ubuntu, or even Firefox OS. Otherwise, you might have to limit your selection if the application’s developer has only made a version for one or two platforms. On the other hand, if the app is a company owned app, then the organization has the option to make a version for the platform of its choice or many so that employees have a BYOD option. Again, it depends on your company’s needs.

If you need a cross platform app for light weight use or native apps that are better suited for tasks that require high performance, All Web n Mobile can develop applications for whichever platform you prefer. Nothing is impossible.