Playstation vs XBOX: Who is the one?

On the surface, the used game factor gives Sony a large edge. Plus, by offering legacy games through Playstation Network, fans can relive memories or newer generations can explore a much larger library of games.

The used game policy is not an absolute loss for XBOX. First, this is not going to affect any users who are currently using what is on the market right now. This policy will not affect XBOX 360 users, since the physical games from that console are not compatible with the new system. Internet connection? How many XBOX users do not have access to the Internet? This is also overblown. If these two topics are the reason Playstation is going to win, Sony needs to check themselves. It is still early and Sony better make sure that any studios are not planning to restrict their content to PCs and the XBOX One because the studios will have better protection for their intellectual property. Sony also needs to continue to work towards goodwill with their gaming community after the various hacks of their network.

The real winner here is the gamer who will have great choices for new consoles and a lot of options on the web or through their own personal mobile devices. Power to the gamer!