Making the most of LinkedIn for your business

LinkedIn reportedly has almost 259 million users.

How does your company use LinkedIn? Do you have a corporate page? Do employees share articles, links, and follow business partners/clients? Is content shared between other social networks? Are you making the most of LinkedIn for your business?

LinkedIn is a great place to connect with clients, look for projects, recruit new superstars for your organization, network with professionals, and learn about your industry. This is true if your company is large, medium, or small. Just be careful not to give up content that could be better used to optimize your company’s websites. It is better to post links to your articles, share blurbs, and avoid duplicate content on LinkedIn. If you or someone in your organization authors articles, these pieces should be on your company’s site or your own personal site first. Otherwise, you are losing all of the SEO value to LinkedIn.

Having a blog or posted articles with rich content can enrich your website, improve your page rank, and help instill confidence in your customers. It is precious and you should treat it as such.

LinkedIn has its uses, and your company should have a complete and up to date LinkedIn company profile. If it is inaccurate or projects the wrong message, your customers and LinkedIn network will see it too.