Is it still the iPhone still industry standard for the smartphone market

iPhone still industry standard?

For many, the iPhone was the beginning of the real smartphone era. Even though there was Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian before it, the iPhone was the first one that made the touchscreen the preferred interface. The iPhone also ushered in the wave of app developers that took advantage of the new demand that followed the growth surrounding the iOS ecosystem. Later followed by Android and the successor to Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, everyone has played catch up since (and some may have jumped in the lead when it comes to some metrics).

What device is the industry standard in your eyes?

When making a purchase decision in regards to your smartphone needs, which product do you compare all others to?

  • A. Samsung Galaxy line
  • B. Apple iPhone
  • C. Motorola Android
  • D. Windows Phone Lumia from Nokia
  • E. Blackberry Z10
  • F. Other