America Online: Do they have a future?

You’ve got mail!

Ever dream about the phrase or have it stuck in your head? Fond memories of the AOL acronym or America Online? Maybe seen the film by the same name with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan sending emails on America Online?

Well, if you are a young person that uses Reddit or Digg, you may not realize that AOL still exists. Older users who stopped using AOL as an internet service provider may not realize that America Online is still around and that America Online still offers email and news through the Huffington Post and Techcrunch. Once merged with Time Warner, AOL is a separate company again and AOL is trying to redefine itself for the World Wide Web of Now vs. the web that was (think Yahoo before its current iteration). What do you think of America Online? Still use their email, frequent their news sites like Techcrunch? Dinosaur or on the rise? What are your thoughts?